Maidens and Proven Females

With over 40 alpacas on the farm, it's more fun to spend time in the pasture than on the computer... so this sales list is a bit out of date.  Please know that we have bred and open females for sale, fiber and companion alpacas, as well as award winning breeding stock, priced from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. We are also facilitating a herd dispersal sale for a client with beautiful females and cria.  Please email or call for details.



Our Paul Girl June Bug
ARI #30988866
DOB June 7, 2007
Light Fawn

JuneBug is simply the sweetest thing in our pasture! Elegant carriage, stunning light fawn fiber and a true “girly girl” – at six years old she’s still pronking with the youngsters. She’s out of our handsome mahogany female, Sue, by medium fawn NWA Paul, a 4Peruvian Pachacuti son. She has the vicuna coloring that makes her a stand-out in the herd.

JuneBug has her mother’s regal conformation, slender and true in every proportion. She has her father’s remarkable fiber, soft, crimpy, long and dense. Correct bite.

June has taken after her mother with excellent maternal skills. She has produced stunning offspring bred to different males.  JuneBug is sold with half price breedings to any of our exceptional herdsires.

Price: SOLD


Cynthia Kavanagh
ARI #31137126
DOB October 2, 2007

Cynthia is a half Peruvian half Chilean beauty. From the time she was born, through the following weeks of her maturing, she delighted us all with her grace, charm and great personal style… so much so that we couldn’t resist naming her after our favorite Mitford heroine, Cynthia Kavanagh. If you’re familiar with the Jan Karon series, you’ll quickly understand what this little alpaca is all about… engaging, delightful, determined, and quite the lady.

Cynthia enjoys some enviable heritage. Her father is the up and coming Apollo, grandson of Peruvian Hemingway and Peruvian Don Julio. These genetics are reflected in her wonderful fleece and textbook conformation.

Cynthia's first boy, Noah, was recently delivered to his new home in Prosser.  Cynthia is bred to our remarkable El Nino son, Pronto. She is due August 2011.

Update:  Cynthia delivered an adorable female cria August 16th... we've named her Kathryn Kavanagh... Kate!

Update:  Cynthia was rebred to our fawn herdsire Top Dollar, delivering a handsome fawn cria last year.  She is currently open and is sold with a free breeding to any SBA herdsire.

Price: $1500



DAHL’s Riti
ARI# 30453036
DOB  October 4, 2004

Riti is beautiful proven female who has given us three wonderful offspring.  She conceives easily, carries to term, births unassisted, delivering robust cria with high IGgs.  Riti is every breeder’s golden girl, as she has so much milk she allows other crias to snitch sips. 

Her 2009 boy by our Royal Fawn son has excellent herdsire potential.  His blindingly white fleece has luscious crimp, incredible staple length and is oh so fine.  We named him “Carerra – A Rock Solid Investment.” 

 Riti is bred to our Hemingway son, the remarkable Ned Kelly. She is due late September.

Price:   SOLD

Riti may be purchased with her male cria at side.  (DOB 9/8/09) 

Price with male cria at side:   SOLD

Package:  Riti and her girlfriend, Sue, have been pasture mates for life.  Would love to keep these two girls together, and will offer a package of both bred females for $SOLD.  This price includes breed backs to either of our Royal Fawn, El Nino or Hemingway sons.



DAHL’s Sumaq Puka
ARI #30453043
DOB August 9, 2004
Dark Brown
Price:   SOLD

Sue is the first girl to greet you entering the pasture, passing on her inquisitive demeanor to her offspring.  She has produced a stunning light fawn female out of a medium fawn male, and a handsome black and white tuxedo male who is the spitting image of his father.  Sue’s 2009 daughter by the award winning Paladin is stunning, and will definitely hit the show ring this season.  We believe Sue will continue to pass through the dominant characteristics of the sire she’s bred to, allowing less guessing and more genetic planning.

Sue’s fiber is fairly unimproved… But Oh Her Color!  She’s carries that rich mahogany red-brown that wows the spinners every shearing season.  And we’ve already seen that putting her with an outstanding male will easily produce measurable improvement in all characteristics.

Conformation?   Erect, tall and true, with ideal proportions and elegant carriage.  She’s never been overweight and maintains a healthy appetite.  Correct bite.

Sue is a wonderful mother who conceives readily, carries to term, births unassisted, with lots of milk and high IGgs.  She has a long and fruitful breeding career ahead of her.

Sue is bred to our remarkable Hemingway son Ned Kelly.  She is due early September 2010.Package:  Sue and her girlfriend, Riti, have been pasture mates for life.  Would love to keep these two girls together, and will offer a package of both bred females, plus breed backs to our Royal Fawn or Hemingway sons, at $SOLD.


Marcelino’s Golden Pride
ARI #30519428
DOB  9/10/2005
Price:  SOLD!

With a pleasing head and straight, proud carriage, Marcie is a stand-out in the pasture.  She possesses an incredible combination of density, crimp and coverage.

Her sire, Marcelino, is the grandson of the famous Accoyo Pluro and the son of Ross, a well-known AOA rose grey herdsire.

Her maiden breeding to Brilliance of Peru (with Guellermo/Ion heritage) produced a remarkable beige son whom we named Brilliant Bo Jangles.  Taking a fourth place in a large class at Showcase, he sure knows he’s herdsire potential.  Her 2009 daughter we named Lacey, because her fiber is just that!  Her 2010 daughter, Willow, by our remarkable Hemingway son, Ned Kelly, is 16 micron!  Marcie breeds easily, births unassisted, has lots of milk, instinctive mothering skills, high IgGs.

Marcie delivered a stunning dark fawn female cria by Snowmass Bronze Sculptor this fall.  This remarkable young herdsire now resides in Switzerland, with very limited breedings by him prior to his departure.  We're putting Marcie this fall to our newest outstanding herdsire, FDA Top Dollar, a dark fawn.  Next year's cria should be another show-stopper!


EARA Sophia
ARI #1262735
DOB  September 17, 2005
Medium Silver Grey/White
Price:  Brokered, please contact us for pricing   SOLD!

CONGRATULATIONS to Joan LaForest of San Francisco for her purchase of this stunning female.   Joan likes to say, "Sophia chose me!"


Sophia was named for Sophia Loren, and rightly so… what a beauty!  She’s our front-pasture-girl, the one everyone comments on.  With her stunning face, beautiful silver grey fiber and regal carriage, she’s a stand-out.

Sophia’s luxurious silver grey fiber is spoken for each season.  Fiber artists and spinners love her soft hand, long staple length and subtle crimp.  Her fiber has ribboned in spin-off competitions.Her maiden breeding to Snowmass Condor produced a beautiful rose grey female whom we named Sophia’s Summer Storm.  Sophia conceives readily, births easily, has lots of milk and wonderful mothering skills.  Her daughter had a high IGg and is thriving.

Update:  Sophia’s 2009 cria is a stunning medium brown female, and her 2010 cria is a darling white female.  Sophia’s mother produced mostly female offspring.  It appears Sophia is following in her footsteps.

Sophia was held open to spring 2014 and is sold with her 2013 female cria at side... a show stopper!


Cherokee Hills’ Kelsie
ARI #851153
DOB  May 29, 2003
White/Black Pattern
1/8 Bolivian, 7/8 Chilean
Price:  SOLD


Kelsie is a solid production female who would be a good purchase for someone just starting out – she is definitely an “easy keeper” with unassisted births, abundant milk supply and outstanding mothering skills.  This girl will virtually teach you the business!

Kelsie has produced a medium fawn and white out of a white male; a true black out of a light fawn male; a dark brown and white out of a medium fawn male; and a dark brown out of a medium fawn male.

Kelsie is a large female with stout bone, great proportions, straight legs and backline.  She had a short yet successful show career with two blue Ribbons and one Red Ribbon at major shows.  In the yearling class at AOBA Nationals, Judge Jude Anderson’s comments included “straight top line and long straight legs… a well-grown out girl who is virtually tied with the much older first place animal.” 

Kelsie’s black and white fiber is a favorite with spinners and sells readily each season.

Kelsie was held open to breed this spring.  She comes with two breedings to our Royal Fawn son, El Nino son or our Hemingway son. 



Alpaca Bella Finas' Isabella
DOB September 14, 2006
Medium Fawn

Price: $8,500

Isabella is a regal Hemingway granddaughter.  She has striking presence, correct conformation, great bone.  Her beautiful fawn fiber is fine, dense and crimpy.

Isabella has wonderful mothering instincts, ample milk and robust cria.  Her first is a stunning white male who will definitely go in our show string as he matures. 

Bred to our remarkable Deacon Grey Silver Blade, Isabella delivered a gorgeous, robust True Black Female cria this summer.  That's a breeding we'll repeat!

And we did!  An incredible dark brown male... "Bravado"... and he's all that!  We have just bred Isabella to Silver Blade again and expect an outstanding cria spring 2017!


R&RR Calamity Jane 051P
DOB June 25, 2004
Medium Brown

Price:  SOLD


Calamity Jane is a large, robust girl who stamps her unique style on her cria.  When bred to our famous white Hemingway son, Ned Kelly, she produced a daughter with rich brown color and white top-knot and feet.  (And dense, dense, dense!)  When bred to the two time national champion Snowmass XXXtreme, she produced an incredible male with the same rich brown coloring of his parents, with white top knot and four white socks… incredibly handsome!

Jane is one of those dependable foundation girls who breeds easily, carries to term, births unassisted, has lots of milk and robust offspring.

Calamity Jane is confirmed pregnant by our Royal Fawn son, Comet, due June 2011.  This cria is expected to have wonderful fineness, density and great bone from this pairing.  Calamity is offered with one free rebreed.

Update:  Calamity delivered a stunning dark brown male with velvety black face and legs... handsome!  She is being rebred to FDA Deacon Grey Silver Blade, our exciting new silver grey herdsire.  Expecting a rock star in 2012 from this pairing!



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